How to add or remove people to email alerts

Below is the guide on how to add more or remove email addresses that receive a particular alert for a project. Please note that you need to have admin or owner level access to be able to make these changes.

  1. Go to the admin dashboard,
  2. Log in
  3. Select the Organization
  4. Select the Project that you want to make the change for

  5. On the Project page, go to the bottom of the page 

  6. Under 'Active Filters', click on the update that you will like to make the change for

  7. Under 'States' , under the right 'Label, click on 'Configure'

  8. Under 'Action on entry', click on the edit icon

  9. Select all the organization members you want to be receiving the email by holding down 'Control' or Command' to select more than one and add additional emails under 'Other emails', with one email in each row

  10. Click Submit

Now all the people you have added will now receive an email alert every time any trip within the project has the update. 

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