POD-1M: How to do a Mid-Shipment Full Data Upload

Your shipment is midway on its trip, the POD-1M tracker has been recording all the data from the shipping journey, and you want to collect all the waveforms and all the detailed data of the trip so far to help you decide whether it's damaged and a replacement part needs to be shipped, for example

To do a mid-shipment full data upload, you will require a smartphone or tablet with the IOTile app, login details for IOTile, proximity to the POD-1M at all times until the end of the mid-shipment full data upload, and access to Internet (whether via Wi-Fi or cellular data)

  1. Log In to your IOTile account on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Ensure Bluetooth on your smartphone is on
  3. Select 'Sync Project'
  4. Select 'Begin Scan'
  5. Check ID on the POD-1M (eg. ends in 08ab)

  6. Select the device with the same ID in the app
    1. Can’t see the device?
      1. Move closer
      2. Scan again (try a few times)
      3. If it still doesn’t show up, shut off the app and restart it
  7. The trip page will open up
    1. Check that the ID on top of the page is the same as the POD-1M ID
  8. Press on the green button with the white square inside with 'Click to Pause Recording'

  9. Press 'Okay' in the the pop-up.

  10. The button will change to a yellow hollow circle

  11. Scroll down and select 'Upload Latest'

  12. Wait for waveforms to download while staying close to the POD-1M and not exiting the app

  13. Once finished, select 'Close'

  14. Scroll back up and select the yellow hollow circle with 'Click to Resume Recording' beneath it

  15. The yellow hollow circle will change to the green button with the white square inside with 'Click to Pause Recording' underneath

  16. Continue trip. The admins and owners of your account will receive an email with information about the mid-shipment update

Please note that you still need to end the trip, followed by archiving the trip and clearing the data on the POD-1M before you can set a new trip on the POD-1M

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