POD-1M: How to Start a Trip

Please note that before you are able to start a trip:
 To start a trip, you will require a smartphone or tablet with the IOTile app and access to the Internet (wether via Wi-Fi or cellular data)
  1. Mount POD-1M to your product, crate, or packaging
  2. Log In to your IOTile account on your smartphone or tablet
  3. Ensure Bluetooth on your smartphone is on
  4. Select 'Sync Project'
  5. Select 'Begin Scan'
  6. Check ID on the POD-1M (eg. ends in 08ab)

  7. Select the device with the same ID in the app
    1. Can’t see the device?
      1. Move closer
      2. Scan again (try a few times)
      3. If it still doesn’t show up, shut off the app and restart it
  8. The trip page will open up
    1. Check that the ID on top of the page is the same as the POD-1M ID
  9. Select the settings icon on the bottom right

  10. Make sure the POD 1-M's settings are suited to your needs (eg. higher shock threshold, shorter wakeup intervals, etc.)

  11. Select 'Start Trip'
    1. IMPORTANT - Do this after mounting the sensor on the machine or the packaging.  This ensures only the right data is captured (think of it like starting your voice message after the beep for the voicemail!)
  12. Select the green 'Okay'

  13. Add notes and a photo if needed. (eg. information about who is starting the trip and from where)

  14. Select 'Send' on the bottom right corner

  15. Start the trip!

Find out how to do a mid-shipment update, mid-shipment full data upload or how to end a trip by clicking on the respective links.

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