POD-1M: How to End Trip

So your shipment has reached its destination and the POD-1M tracker has been recording all the data from the shipping journey. It’s time to end the trip and send the data to the cloud, to your managers or customer.

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Don’t remove the POD-1M from the crate or mounting until you end the trip using your phone or tablet. Stand within 100 feet from device, the closer the better.
  1. Log In to your IOTile account on your smartphone or tablet

  2. Ensure Bluetooth on your smartphone is on
  3. 'Synch Project'

  4. ‘Begin Scan’

  5. Check ID on the POD-1M (eg ends in 08ab)
  6. Click on the device with the same ID in the app
    1. Can’t see the device?
      1. Move closer
      2. Scan again (try a few times)
      3. If it still doesn’t show up, shut off the app and restart it

  7. Trip page should open up
    1. Check Trip Start makes sense and ID on top of the page is the same as the POD-1M ID

  8. Press on ‘End Trip’
    1. IMPORTANT - Do this before removing the sensor from the machine or otherwise banging it around.  This stops the data recording to ensure the right data is captured (think of it like stopping a tape recorded after your message!)

    2. Add notes and a photo if needed. Eg information about who is uploading or a photo of damage in the packaging

    3. Press 'Send'

  9. The next step requires access to internet. If you don’t have internet right now:
      1. FIRST end the trip (Step 8)
      2. Now remove the device and take it with you to a location where you do have internet (outside of the warehouse or factory), data from your phone or wifi access
      3. Now use your phone, connect to the device via Bluetooth, and upload trip.
  10. Press on ‘Upload Trip’. 
    1. It should be less than 30 seconds for short or smooth trips but can take a few minutes if the trip was long or had many events. Make sure to stay close to the device (your phone is getting data wirelessly) until the upload is finished

    2. Once done, ‘Device Status’ will read ‘Finished’ and icon will show a check

If you need to set up your account, forgot your password or had an issue come up during this process, click on the links provided for more information:

Please note that only once you, or your admin receives an email confirming the end of the trip, the trip can to be archived on app.iotile.cloud and the device to be cleared again before being used to create a new trip.

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