How to reconnect an IOTile Gateway

Your IOTile gateway may occasionally lose connection to the internet for a variety of reasons (gateway was unplugged, building power was unstable, your WiFi network is down).  In some cases it will not be able to recover automatically and require a manual reconnect.  If you receive a notification that the connection is down, please follow these steps:
  1. Make sure gateway is connected to power
    1. An LED (typically red) is visible through the case
    2. Optionally power cycle to make sure the LED comes back on
  2. Connect to the gateway with the IOTile Companion Mobile app
    1. If you don't have the app already, download it from the Google Play or iOS App Store
    2. Login
    3. Select the right project that contains your gateway
    4. Connect via Bluetooth
      1. The mobile app will automatically scan indicating with a green-light-icon that you can select the gateway
        1. If this does not happen, pull the power on the gateway, plug it in again, and give it a couple minutes to boot up (this will restart the Bluetooth service)
      2. Click on the gateway to connect
  3. Use the mobile app to configure gateway internet connectivity
    1. Pick 'wired' for ethernet or 'wireless' for WiFi
    2. Enter credentials if on WiFi and press connect
    3. In some cases you may need to try to connect more than once

If you are still having trouble see Can't Connect Gateway to Internet.

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