How to change the logo of my Company (Organization)?

Your  Company or Organization log is shown in several places in, or If no company/organization log has been uploaded, a randomly generated icon is associated to your company/organization.

Example of Company Logo

Changing Organization Logo

If you are an organization admin, you can upload a log from the Classic IOTile Cloud Organization Settings Page.

  1. After logging in to, click on the Organization you want to upload a logo for.
  2. Under the "Company" menu, click on the "Settings" menu item 

  3. On the company settings, click on the "Upload Logo" button on the top right.

  4. Drag and drop a JPG or PNG file for your logo, or click on "Upload a file".

  5. The image will be uploaded and processed (resized) before it can be used. It may take a few minutes before the page reflects the change. 

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